This accessible and space efficient restroom trailer features tasteful decor and offers flushing toilets, Formica counter tops, stainless sinks, soft lighting, ventilation fans and air conditioning. It can run self-contained with its own internal water and electrical supply.



• Compact, and stylish

• Self contained

• Air conditioning

• Interior and exterior lighting

• Full-sized mirror above each sink

• Lighted occupancy signals


Men’s Private Room Features

• 1 toilet stall

• 1 sink

Women’s Private Room Features

• 1 toilet stall

• 1 sink



• 24'L X 10’H X 19'W

ADA Private Room Features:

• 1 toilet stall

• 1 sink



How large of a trailer do I need for my event?

A general rule of thumb is that you need one station (toilet stall or urinal) per 50 attendees at a 4-hour event. Therefore, a 500-person event would require a 10-station trailer which is generally 24-28’ in length. There are MANY factors and we recommend you speak with an event expert to discuss factors such as:

Is alcohol being served?
Other available facilities?
Men/Women ratio?
Type of event?
Potential for the event to run long?

What length of lines are acceptable?

Typically each station in a trailer can handle 20-24 women per hour or 30-40 men per hour. This estimate along with the understanding that people generally use the restroom every 2.25 hours at an event will drive your decision on the number of stations to provide.

What else is required to make a portable restroom trailer operational?

All of Knight’s trailers come with water on board. However, if your event is high use and additional water is needed, we can also connect it to a garden hose.

Power is also required. Most of our trailers require two 20 amp, 110-volt electrical services. A small trailer may only require 1 whereas larger trailers can require up to 4. The power source should be within 50’ of the trailer.

Do you offer Attendant services at an event?

Absolutely! Attendant services are available to accompany our products at your special event. Attendant services can be customized to fit your individual needs, providing everything from janitorial services to on-site pumping via an onsite Technician throughout your event. Our attendants are professional and courteous, and ensure that your guests are satisfied with the restroom facilities on site.

How do you bill your services?

All special event rentals must be prepaid, unless other arrangements have been made with a sales representative.  All routed restrooms are billed on a 28-day billing cycle, billing 4 weeks in advance.

What is your service area?

We provide our standard portable sanitation and fence offerings throughout the Central Valley of California and provide restroom trailers throughout the entire state of California.

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