Knight’s Services specializes in renting portable toilets for short-term special events, parties, sporting events and receptions as well as short-term jobs for construction companies. Knight’s portable toilets include handicapped units, hand wash stations, indoor mounted sinks and our exclusive Restroom Trailers which are engineered for heavy use while providing comfort and privacy for large crowds.


How many portable toilets do I need for a special event?

See Knight’s calculator for recommendations! A valuable tool.

How many toilets do I need for a jobsite?

The ANSI standard is 1 unit per 10 workers on a 40 hour week. Knight’s recommends 1 unit per 8 workers for increased cleanliness. Many of our customers place the units on a twice per week service schedule for optimal worker moral and cleanliness standards. You should also order one sink per 2 toilets in the primary work areas. Additional units may have to be placed in remote parking areas, material areas, etc. on larger sites.

Studies have shown that portable toilets pay for themselves. Worker hours are expensive and time walking to distant units or leaving site for clean facilities is typically much more expensive than a portable restroom that only costs a few dollars per day.

Do portable toilets have lights inside?

No but the roofs are designed with a translucent plastic so if you place them near overhead lighting, it can help substantially.

What happens if the portable toilet is damaged or vandalized?

Knight’s offers a damage waiver program to all customers. This protection limits liability for vandalism or accidental damage to the facilities we furnish. This service is available in addition to your standard service agreement. Please ask your sales or customer service representative for further information on coverage levels and costs.

What happens if my portable toilet tips over?

High wind and occasional vandalism can lead to a unit being tipped over. The standard unit is relatively light weighing approximately 200 pounds empty. Many people upright them on their own in advance of us coming to reclean the unit. (*Note, up-righting the unit is optional and  something to avoid if a person is not in the physical condition to do so.)

Knight’s will fully service your unit on the next scheduled service day. It will be thoroughly cleaned and in like new condition. If for any reason it cannot be completely cleaned to normal high standards, Knight’s will exchange it at no charge.

Knight’s will make every effort to expedite service after a tip over but a trip charge may apply. Note, Knight’s offers a solution to stake down the units at an extra charge, or units can be placed out of windy areas for best prevention.

How many ADA or handicap accessible toilets do I need?

The requirement is to have at least 5% of portable toilets in any cluster at a public gathering be ADA Compliant. So, if you have 15 units at a special event, you would need 1 ADA toilet if they were all clustered together. If your event is covering a larger space and you have half of the units on one side and half on the other, you need two ADA units.

What some of our customers have to say about us


These guys do an amazing job every year. The facilities are maintained incredibly well and the staff members are always friendly, funny, and involved with the event.

Mark - Customer

I just went to yet another event where the on-site services were lacking. We’ve started using the Portos as the benchmark for other events because of their cleanliness. Every event has had clean facilities and I see the Knights staff safely and quickly navigating the 4000 guests along with their show cars.

Ed - Customer

The difference in the porto experience was remarkable once Knight took over. I never realized what a clean and pleasant experience it could be. Like seriously, I’ve sat around with my friends at the event and discussed at length how good the portos are. It’s wild what a great job she does.

Chris - Customer

Absolutely amazing company! They truly providing a much needed service! I wish I was able to give a higher score than 5/5 because they deserve it! I've never had to fear using the portos, while they have been around!

Samantha - Customer

I have never been to an event where there are thousands of people in attendance and the porto potties aren’t absolutely thrashed and destroyed, until now. These toilets were almost always clean and sanitary, it made an often dreaded part of the festival experience much more pleasant; such that I could do my business and be back out having fun, refreshed and worry-free.

Jessica - Customer